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Piggy in a Puddle... Mentally Adding Ten

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Pigs seem to have become as popular as owls in teaching materials lately! What's not to love? Muddy, snorty, pushy... okay, oddly appealing, too. :)  This math center game will be a fun way for your first and second graders to practice two Common Core math skills: addition facts (in this case, through sums of 12), and mentally adding ten.

Personally, I'm having a little bit of trouble getting past the fact that this item turned out to resemble a butcher's chart, but hey, that's just me - I know your little ones won't mind. :) You might even print this up as an independent activity for a math center, so your little learners can each color their own pigs like patchwork quilts! :)

Happy Teaching!


  1. thanks for the giggle about the butchers chart!

    1. Heh heh ... you know how it is, once you see it you can't get it out of your head!
      Thanks for commenting, Joy!



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