Classroom Freebies

Snowman Missing Addends Practice!

I had recently posted about feather headbands missing addends game and rudolph noses missing addends game that we that we played the last few months that were a huge success and so much fun to watch them play... So, here's this months!

Students will play in groups of 3. 1 person will be "Adder" and the other 2 will be "Snowmen." The Snowmen will sit next to each other facing Adder. They will take a carrot nose, without looking at it and hold it up to their noses. The Adder will add the 2 numbers together and tell the 2 "Snowmen" the sum. The Snowmen will look at each other's number and try to figure out what their number is (again, without looking!) The winner gets both noses. The person with the most noses at the end becomes the new Adder!

Click on the picture to stop by and grab your copy, see it in action and to get a better idea how to play!

Have a great week!