Classroom Freebies

Valentine Vowel Sticks

Those short vowel sounds! They can be so tricky for our kiddos.  Just for Valentine's Day, I created these short vowel sticks for practicing the vowel sounds.  To create the sticks all you need to do is cut the hearts from the printable and glue them on a large craft stick.  Simply say a vowel sound and have your students hold up the correct vowel.  To add a little more difficulty, say a word with a short vowel sound (cat) and have them hold up the correct stick.

You'll want to be sure to differentiate this activity.  For students who are just learning vowels, begin with only 2 or 3 vowel sticks.  You can gradually add vowels as the students become more proficient.

Come on over to the Make, Take & Teach I (Heart) Vowels blog post to download your free printable for creating your own vowel sticks.