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1 2 3 Count Dental Hygiene Stuff With Me easy reader booklet

This 33-page packet helps students practice a variety of skills and standards.
The cute easy reader is a fun way for your students to review, write, recognize and read numbers and number words, as well as comprehend the +1 more concept of addition in a ten frame.
  1. Students read, trace and write the number and number word.
  2. They see a number of dental things in a sentence and say it.
  3. They spy the number in a sequence and circle it.
  4. They X-out that many boxes or use a bingo dot marker or stamp in the 10 frame. ( I encourage my students to make a color pattern.)
  5. They cut and glue the set/group to the matching numbered box. 
The packet includes:
  • 56 traceable number and word wall word flashcards, + number cards that count to 20.
  • Covers for the flashcards to make Itty Bitty Books
  • A + one more math skill sheet
  • 4 graphing extensions &
  • A certificate of praise.
1 2 3 Count Dental Hygiene Stuff With Me easy reader booklet

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