Classroom Freebies

Counting to 100/120 Class Book

Counting to 100 and beyond, can be a bit tedious for some kiddo's as well as boring and frustrating for others.

I'm always looking for quick, easy and fun ways to do this, so that students can continue to practice.

Children enjoy making class books, so I decided to think up as many spotted  things that children would have fun making 100 dot-spots on.

I came up with 67 pictures for students to choose from.

If you want them to count to 120, simply change the number on the template.

Run off the packet.  Lay the pictures out and as students complete their morning routine, they can come up to that center and choose a picture, take it back to their desk and complete their page for the class book.

Using markers, mini bingo dot daubers, or stamp markers is a fun way for them to accomplish the task.

If you want to count by 5's or 10's later, have students group their dots accordingly, or go back and circle a set. You can also have them choose different colors to make this easier as well.

Counting to 100/120 Class Book