Classroom Freebies

President Writing Prompt Posters

The patriotic heart "craftivity" makes a sweet valentine, as well as a writing prompt. 

Use it for fine motor-puzzle practice.  Remind students that the star's stripes are in an ABAB pattern. 

There are 5 writing prompt hearts for students to choose from, that they can glue to the back, including a comparison and contrast one. 

I've also included a list of Lincoln & Washington quotations that you can use as writing prompts.
Post a different quote on the board through the month of February, &/or make an overheard of quotes and have students choose several to add to their blank poster.

There's a blank poster for both presidents. Students choose a quotation, as I've done with these samples, for you to use as examples, and put it on their own poster. 

They can comment on the back of what the quote means, what it means to them, or why it's their favorite.

Collect the president writing prompt posters and make into a class book and suspend the hearts from the ceiling with fish line. 

President Writing Prompt Posters