Classroom Freebies

Smile Awhile Class-Made Book

I LOVE making class books with my kiddo's.  When it's free reading time, the class book basket was the most sought after.

Here is a template for you to use to make a cute book for Dental Hygiene Month.  
Simply take a close up shot of each of your students smiling, so that only their smile shows on the photograph.

Print the pix and pass them out to your students so that they can fill in the blanks for their page. 
Make sure you take one of yourself for the last page. 

For easy identification, I also jotted down names in the order I took the photos. 

Collect everyone's contribution and make into a book.  
When you read it, have the students sing along to "Are You Sleeping?" 

Cover the name, and have them guess whose smile is on the page.
My little ones were great at guessing their friends, but sometimes couldn't identify their own grin!