Classroom Freebies

End of the Year Writing Prompt Craftivity

This is a wonderful writing prompt for the end of the year.  You can also tuck it away for fall, because it's a wonderful way to get to know your new students too! (I have 2 sets of shorts. The other set says: Things I did over the summer.)

When children see these adorable "creative writing craftivity kids" hung up in the hallway or put on a large bulletin board, it helps build their self-esteem as well.

Students trace their hand and foot on a brightly colored piece of folded construction paper and cut out a pair to make this a real keepsake.

I've also included another T-shirt writing prompt: I learned a lot this year!  Students list the things they've learned and choose which thing they feel they are especially te-rrific at. (Another way to build their self-esteem!)