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Butterfly Writing Prompt Craft for Mother's Day

Are you studying butterflies? Do you need a quick, easy & fun little Mother's Day activity?
Then I think you'll like this 3D, shoe-print, butterfly-keepsake craft.

This activity is versatile, as there's a background template for Mother's Day and Father's Day, as well as a generic one so a child can give this to anyone, or you can use it anytime.

Students take their shoe off and trace it on a folded sheet of construction paper.  I give my kiddos a choice, but the girls always pick pink or purple, so I make extras of those.

By cutting once, they will have two "feet" which become the butterfly's "wings." Older students can compose a writing prompt on the back of their creation, of why their mom is as lovely as a butterfly, or whatever.

I cut a slit at the top of the head, so that student's can fold a pipe cleaner in half to make the antennae.  The thorax is also 3 dimensional, as only the head and bottom end are glued down.  Discuss symmetry before students decorate their wings.

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