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Mother's Day Keepsake Writing Prompt Craftivity

These Mother's Day fingerprint cards are quick, easy and fun. To make this do-able for a variety of ages, there are several options to choose from.

In my sample, I placed the card stock letter tiles in the middle of my blank paper, so they spelled mom.  Then I used a variety of colors of stamp pads to make fingerprint designs all over the page.
Afterwards, I gently lifted up the letters to reveal the word mom.

There's also a worksheet with the word mom written out, so that this is easier for PK kiddos to do.  They simply color the word and add a few fingerprints on the page.  I set this up as an independent center for my kiddos. 

For that finishing touch, glue a school photo inside the oval of the letter O.

The word MOM is a palindrome.  (Teachable vocabulary-building moment!) It's spelled the same forwards and backwards. To make it even more interesting, when you flip the word upside down, mom becomes wow.  Demonstrate this to your students, so they can share this "magic of words"  with their mom.

Older students can complete the writing prompt: My mom is a wow mom because...on the back of their paper.

Click on the  link to get your copy of the Mother's Day Keepsake Writing Prompt Craft.
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