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Beginning or End of the Year Writing Prompts

Do you have "Make awards" on your "To Do" list? If so, instead of you doing all of the work, have students pick a partner and make one for them.  The ideas in this packet, also double as super-fun writing prompts that make sweet end of the year bulletin boards too.

I've included a "Text It!" iPhone writing prompt worksheet, where students  "text" their partner a message. This can be anything from what they plan to do for the summer, to a complimentary "bucket-filling" text, which can be used as an award. 

You could also have children write a message to one of your new students that you'll have in the fall.  They can tell them about a few things they really enjoyed about this grade.  

If your students are graduating from preschool or kindergarten, you can have children "text" a message of congratulations.

There's also a "Tweet It!" bookmark writing prompt that can be used in the same fashion.  I've included samples for both that you can share with your kiddos to help explain things.

The "Wow!" speech bubble note (with 3-on-a-page for quick printing) is even more versatile, as you can also use it as a praise certificate, note from the teacher or mini award.

Finally, there's an alphabetical list of 236 positive adjectives students can use to describe the classmate they are writing these notes for. It's a great way to build vocabulary, while improving self-esteem by complimenting their friend.

All of these could also be used for the beginning of the year, when you're looking for back-to-school "icebreaker" or "bucket-filling" activities. 

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog to grab the "Beginning or End of the Year Writing Prompts.  
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