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End of the Year Autograph Keepsake Booklet

As the school year comes to an end, I'm always looking for a few fun activities for my kiddos to do independtly, while I do assessing and other year-end paper work.  I need somthing that was easy-peasy in the prep-work department too.
With that in mind, I designed this "play-on-words" auto-graph book.  No matter what grade I taught, all of my students really enjoyed collecting autographs, and I was freed up to work on my long "to do" list.  Woo hoo!

Writing their name is especially meaningful for younger kiddos; the autograph book is a super-fun way to practice, and sure to become a keepsake.  Your kiddos are happily engaged coloring away and collecting signatures, while you're freed up to tackle other things.

Simply run the cover off on white construction paper and have students color their car, or run the pattern off on a variety of colors of construction paper and have students cut and glue the car of their choice to the front of another sheet of construction paper. 

The inside pages feature sweet car clip art and a special place for classmates, teachers, and staff to sign. 

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog to grab the "sanity-saving" auto-graph booklet.
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