Classroom Freebies

End of the Year Writing Prompt Craft Mice Advice

Here's a quick, easy and fun little writing prompt craft that's perfect for the end of the year.

Students choose a colored mouse, trim and then fold the "head" over.  They write a "tasty tidbit" of advice under the flap.   Completed projects make an adorable back-to-school bulletin board.
(Check one more thing off your summer "To Do" list.)

I've also included several bookmarks in full-color and black & white, plus one for this year's kiddos to make for next year's class.

An "If you take a mouse to school they'll want to give you some advice" poster can be the center of your display. 
This activity is the perfect go-together with Laura Numeroff's book, "If You Take A Mouse To School."

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog to grab this fun FREEBIE: End of the Year Mice Advice craftivity.
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