Classroom Freebies

Giant Pattern Blocks!

If you use pattern blocks as math manipulatives with your kiddos, they will certainly get a kick out of these giant ones!

Run the patterns off on the appropriate colors; laminate and trim. Use these as flashcards, a pattern block bulletin board, or give the giant pattern block pieces to students to use with, or as an alternative to, the wooden pattern blocks.

The Elf on a Shelf or the leprechaun, could have taken the real ones and substituted these.  Also fun for Wacky Wednesday.

Tape to the carpet and make a patterned road for students to follow or play other games with like “Musical Pattern Blocks” instead of Musical Chairs, or "Hot Block" instead of Hot Potato etc. You can also play 4 Corners; hang a different giant pattern block in each corner.

Children can also match the plain pattern blocks to the ones with the pattern block's word on it.

Click on the link for the Giant Pattern Block patterns.
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