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REVISED ABC Ya Farewell Poem For The End Of The Year

Here's a sweet end of the year poem for you to share with your kiddos.
Read it to them on the last day of school, then tuck a copy in their backpacks, or include one in your summer packet that you're making to send home, or fill up a bit of extra time by having students color the black and white template, and put it in their memory books.

I found a similar poem online being quoted in a variety of places, all with an unknown author, so I revamped it and changed the verses for 19 letters (H through Z) then tweaked it a bit more, so teachers can use it for preschool, kindergarten or 1st grade.

I've included templates in color as well as black and white. As you can see by the samples, the last line changes for the different grade levels. 
Click on the link to grab your copy today.  "ABC Ya" Farewell Poem For The End Of The Year.
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