Classroom Freebies

Summer Reading Printable read and color freebie

Hi freebie friends!

Are you ready to encourage your students to read over the summer, so they don't slide backward in their reading ability? Want to make it fun, too?

Check out my free Summer Reading Printable on TPT! 

It's 2-sided, with one side for writing the titles that the student reads. And the other side is a graph with 100 rectangles.

Your students will color in a rectangle for each 15 minutes that they read. At the end of the summer, they'll have a pretty picture and a smarter brain!

When students return to school in the fall, you can give them a prize like a scented bookmark or color-changing "mood" pencil. Or grant them special super-reader privileges, like wearing a super hero cape or reading in a special spot in your classroom or library.

I hope you and your students have lots of fun reading this summer!