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Classroom Management - Computer Use

Hi everyone! I hope you're settling into summertime and enjoying your time off from school.

Even though summer has just started, our grade level team is already planning for next year.You may also be thinking about next year's class, so I thought I'd share what I do to manage student computer use in my classroom.

I have laminated student number cards that I hook to the side of the computer monitors. Each student flips his/her card to the next student number card when he/she is finished at the computer. That person tells the next person that it's his/her turn on the computer.

I use these for computer programs/activities that students rotate thru during the day.

Here's a set for reading activities (numbered 1-28):

Computer Student Number Cards Reading

Here's a set for math activities (numbered 1-28):

Computer Student Number Cards Math

Click on the pictures above to download.