Classroom Freebies

End of the Year Activities

Are you one of the lucky duckies who's had their last day of school, or are you like me, plodding along for another week in June.

If so, I've got some sweet end-of-the-year activities for you.  This mini-packet includes "Look Who's Leaping" word-art certificates for Pre K4 through 3rd grade, with my silhouette patterns so your kiddos can make some of their own.

There's also a template for stars that you glue to a sweet tag, with the same options.   Make a brag bracelet that your kiddos can "slap" on.  I slit a toilet paper roll up the side and made bracelet bands with it.  They are just the right size for little wrists, and the bend keeps them on.

I've also included a copy of word-art posters and a frog banner that this year's kiddos can color to welcome your in-coming students this fall.

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