Classroom Freebies

Families Are Worth A Mint

Do you do an Open House for back-to-school, or a Meet & Greet the Teacher Night, and are looking for some ideas?

Here's a quick, easy and inexpensive treat you can have.  I also do this for my Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Simply dump a bag of mints in a basket, add the signage and set on a table with a seasonal tablecloth and you're done.

They sell a bag of peppermints at The Dollar Store. I've also used Butter Mints that they sell in bulk at Sam's or Costco.

The packet includes the poem and the paper peppermint patterns. (Try to say that 3 times! :-) PPPPPP) 

Click on the link to grab this fun FREEBIE: Families Are Worth A Mint
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