Classroom Freebies

Write & Wipe Worksheets

The advantages of “Write & Wipes”
  • Kiddos LOVE using dry erase markers.
  • They are highly motivated to practice.
  • They are quietly engaged and learning.
  • Tracing and writing their answers on worksheets that are inside a sheet protector, saves you lots of time, energy and money.
  • Once you’ve made them, you can use them year-after-year. 
  • Get out of the copy room, conserve paper & ink, all while helping to save the planet and your sanity.
  • Traceable worksheets are perfect for centers, early finishers, and children who are struggling and need more practice.
The Dollar Store sells "dust mitts" that are like a mitten. Once children have completed a page, they simply erase it, so the worksheets are ready for the next kiddo.  The mitts are great for your whiteboards too.  Once they are dirty (this will take months of erasing) toss in your washer & dryer to clean. 

The worksheets not only help students practice correct letter formation, but increase vocabulary, improve spelling, and add to children's letter sound word banks.

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog to grab the entire letter Aa section from my binder, plus the alphabet poster & the “trace, write & wipe” upper & lowercase worksheets. 

These match the letter Aa, word puzzle FREEBIE that I posted here last week, which makes for a nice coordinated center.   

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