Classroom Freebies

ABC's of School Information Handout

A simple and fun way to give parents information about your school and classroom.  I've found that parents are more likely to read and refer to this quick format, than they are to wade through our student handbooks, it's simply less overwhelming. 

I give this alphabetical information checklist a few days after the children have been in school as a nice review, just in case parents haven't read my longer explanations in their child's student handbook. It makes for a nice insert for a packet at Open House too.

Use mine as a guide to make your own, or use the partially-filled in pages to add your own specifics. 

If you teach older grades, you obviously won't need T is for toys.  How about T for teacher.  You can include your name, where you went to school, the degree you have; just a little bit about yourself.

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