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Activities To Go Along With The Kissing Hand Story

My Y5s, firsties, and kinders, all LOVE the story The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.

It's one of my favorite back to school books and perfect for that sometimes scary first day of school.  With that in mind, I designed some interesting activities to go along with it.

Making a class book is a super-fun way to get your kiddos to want to write. There are 2 writing prompt options to choose from, or do both on different days.

I've included a cover as well as a discussion poster.

Get to know how your own students feel by discussing emotions & feelings. Print off the large hand poster.  As students share how they feel after the 1st day or week of school, jot them down.

Set this up as an independent writing center activity for older kiddos.  Students visit the center, choose a marker and write 1 or 2 words about how they feel.  When everyone is done hang it up.

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