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Classroom Management Book Hospital Basket

Get organized & make life easier with a Book Hospital Basket. 

When students are reading a book from your classroom library & discover that it needs some repair work to avoid further damage, have them fill out an Rx form of what's wrong with the book & how you can fix it.

They tuck the note on the page that needs repairt, so that the end sticks out of the book & drop it in the "hospital" basket. 

This is a great job to delegate to a student or room helper.  The note expedites repair, as you don't have to find the damage or figure out what needs to be done, and doubles as a super-fun way for your kiddos to practice their writing skills.

All of the signage you need to make your own cute Book Hospital Basket is in the packet. There's 2-on-a-page, so you can make a "Hope you have a great year!" surprise for another teacher or your librarian.

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