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Classroom Management Tip Absent Folders

Take a little time to get organized now, and you will be thanking yourself a zillion times later, by making a set of absent folders. 

These file folders are my all-time FAVORITE classroom management tip. Simply print off the folder covers of your choice, glue each one to a file folder, laminate & you're done.  Reuse them every year!

How it works:  When a child is absent simply place a folder on their desk.  When you pass out a worksheet, assignment or note, the person who sits in front of them, or at their table, places the papers in the folder.  Doing workbook pages?  Simply rip those out & tuck them in.  No more wasting time writing down what pages to do in which workbooks.

The folder stays on the missing child's place 'til they return.  They take the contents out put it in their backpack & place the folder back in the basket.

No more hectic craziness when you're trying to get your kiddos ready to go home, if a sibling shows up at the end of the day or the office calls down that a parent has arrived to pick things up.  You simply take the contents out of the folder, paperclip things & you're good to go.  Woo hoo.

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog to read more & pick up 4 FREE covers.  You'll be happy you did. :-) Classroom Management Absent Folders.
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