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Park It! An Alphabet Matching Game

This hands-on game will be so popular, you’ll want to make several sets.

Print off on card stock or construction paper in your choice of color. Laminate & trim.

Tape all of the parking lot cards together for one large-long parking lot, or keep them separate, so several children can play this super-fun matching game.

For more practice have students trace & write the letters. They can also write the lowercase letter under the car on the uppercase parking lot, and the uppercase letter under the cars on the lowercase lot.

Another option: Play as a whole-group review: Put all of the cars in a container and let each child pick one.
When you call out a letter, that child with the matching car, comes up and parks it.

Have an upper and lowercase set of cars so students can match 1-1, upper to lowercase and lowercase to uppercase.

This was Pinterest inspired. The original idea for the parking lot came from a homeschooling mom who made one using masking tape on the carpet for her sons. I’ve included a link to her post.

I wanted to make this permanent, and something you could put away, so I designed the templates. Instead of tape, I used tough-stick colored dots. Make sure you don’t get “easy-off” garage sale stickers.

The Dollar Store sells small cars 6 in a pack.
This would be a non-threatening way to individually assess children who become anxious when tested.

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog, to grab this super-fun FREEBIE: Park It! An Alphabet Matching Game.
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