Classroom Freebies

Classroom Management Techniques

Do you want your kiddos to become instantly quiet?
Do you need to get their attention quickly?

Without saying a word, hold up "Zippy" your laminated "Please zip your lips!" poster.

As students notice, they make the silent motion of zipping their lips & raise their hand.
Eventually, everyone has their lips zipped & hands raised; even the stragglers get the message & are anxious to conform.

You are in control and it is blessedly quiet!  Woo hoo! 

The entire key, is training your kiddos that this is what you want them to do, then challenging them to see who is first to notice.  Also challenge them to see how fast everyone gets on board.

Can they beat their last time? 
Instead of being a chore & struggle, you have created a simple game, where getting quiet, is a ton of fun. Win-win!

Another one of my "quietly in control" posters, is "Signal Me!"
How many times are you interrupted, or the class disrupted with:"Can I go to the bathroom; get a drink; or sharpen my pencil?" requests? 

Simply teach your kiddos to raise their hand holding up a finger signal. 
You can see at a glance who needs what. 
You make eye contact & with a nod yes or no answer the question, without any noise from either party.

Click on the link to pop on over to my blog & read how you can take quiet control of your class & pick up these helpful classroom management posters. 
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