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Writing Posters

When I tell the kids that's it's time to rev up their pencils because we're going to start a writing assignment,  I inevitably hear a few moans and groans. I look at Becky who's beaming. She has an array of perfectly sharpened fancy dancy pencils WITH erasers and is all set to start. Then there's Joe who slid under his desk the minute I announced it and is playing with his sneaker strap. Jerry rolls his eyes and whispers "OH NO! I HATE writing!"  Mary asks if she can go to the bathroom. Kurt tells me he doesn't have a pencil. I tell him he shouldn't worry because I have thousands to lend him. Sound familiar?

I then begin telling them that writing involves a lot practice. I ask if there are any who play a sport, or an instrument or has any other type of special talent. Almost everyone raises their hands! I ask "Do you practice playing basketball, baseball or football?"  The answer is always the same. YES!  Then I ask if they were as good now, as they were when they first started playing a sport or instrument. The answer is always NO!

Posting reminders of what good writing entails is something I've always done. A glance at a poster may remind a student that "Ooops, I forgot to revise something or edit my first draft"

This free download includes two posters that can be displayed at centers or anywhere around your room to remind your students what it takes to be a good writer.

Happy Writing!


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