Classroom Freebies

Last Minute Halloween Craftivity

With Halloween party day just around the corner, I thought you'd enjoy this super-quick, easy & fun crayon-resist craftivity.

Beforehand, I cut small squares out of white card stock, and trace the ghost pattern with a white crayon, pressing really hard.

When I pass them out to my kiddos, they look blank.  While children are working on their table top lessons, I call 6 at a time up to the watercolor painting center.

They write their name on the bottom of their square, then "wash" their paper with purple, black, & blue watercolor paints, to create an awesome "midnight magic" picture.

Takes only about 5 minutes, and my kiddos really enjoy making them.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where it's today's featured FREEBIE: Moonlight Magic.
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