Classroom Freebies

What Should My Teacher Be For Halloween? Fun Halloween Art and Writing!

I am a giant Halloween fan and this simple little art/writing activity has become a staple in my classroom during the month of October.

All you need is a picture of your head (I say the larger the better) and one of the printables from my editable PowerPoint.  I love getting some use out of at least one of the hundreds of school pictures I now have sitting silently in my desk drawers.  Other than sometimes cutting them out, gluing them on sticks, and sending them by mail to my unsuspecting Colorado teacher friends, I really have no other use for them, so this activity works out nicely.  :)

Hop on over to my blog to see more pictures (I now have pics from every version of this activity) and download the editable PowerPoint.  There are three versions of this activity there: Stick figure/man hands/ and draw it yourself (the body in the pics above is a draw it yourself one)
Happy last week of October!  Have an amazing Halloween!