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AAC Users Need to Speak Up at the Dinner Table

Thanksgiving dinner tables can get noisy, especially if you have a large family with kids, or people who haven't seen each other in a while. One of the problems many aac users have is that of not always being heard. 
 Using voice output devices has helped that a lot, but there are still so many users who don't have an electronic device. And, for that matter, many who don't have comprehensive - or any - communication books or boards. 
So, in the spirit of giving, and of making sure everyone can have something to be thankful for, here is a picture communication board for your aac users for Thanksgiving. 

 I admit, I did focus on the food when it came to the few nouns I add to these boards. But, I did make sure there was a way to say that the user was thankful for family and friends. And that, after all, is what many holidays are all about. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Keep on Talking.  Come see me over at Kidz Learn Language for more AAC tips.