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Estimation Jar Printables

Hi everyone! Do you use an estimation jar in your classroom or have an estimation center? If so, I'd like to share what I use in my classroom that is quick and easy.

I actually have an estimation jar that is attached to my calendar. I can quickly add or take away buttons or other objects that are in the jar. It's fun to change out the objects to go with the seasons, holidays, or different topics. I place estimation jar printables, a bag for estimates, and a small estimation jar poster next to the calendar area. Throughout the morning the children can write their estimates.

We count the objects and sometimes graph our estimates before counting. It's a great warm up activity before our math block time.

Here's the poster I use. I place it in a plastic holder that sits on a shelf.

I use 2 different recording sheets with 2 sizes of jars: 2 to a page and 4 to a page.

Click HERE to download.

I hope you find them useful.