Classroom Freebies

Keepsake Christmas Wreat Craft

Looking for a super-fun craftivity for your kiddos to make as a gift during that crazy last week of school?

This keepsake, fingerprint wreath is a nice decorative gift that students can make for their family, and demonstrates secondary colors: Yellow + Blue = Green. 

"I made this pretty wreath for you. I made it by mixing yellow and blue.
Yellow + Blue as you have seen, makes a lovely Christmas green.
The red berries, I’ll give you a hint, are made from someone’s fingerprint.
This wreath is a circle it has no end. It’s like my love, that I now send."

Yes, you can simplify things, and just have your kiddos use green paint, but I assure you, their squeals of delight, as 2 different colors blend together to make a new color, is priceless,  and well worth the mess.  It's almost magical.  

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