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Classroom Management - Reserve My Spot!

I think classroom management is all about the details. It's about being proactive in the specifics of our classrooms. It's especially apparent to me when I'm writing substitute lesson plans, and I'm thinking about the management details that are involved in our day.

Here's one of those "proactive" management tools that can be used during times when students are involved in hands-on activities. It's called Reserve My Spot!

Students can use the cards when they are temporarily away from an activity or center. The cards are placed over student work and materials, so their materials and place are "reserved," and other students know they will return to that area. It's a way of saving their "spot." 

The cards work well when students are using math materials or working at literacy and math stations or centers.

You can copy the cards on card stock and laminate for classroom use.

Color and black and white versions are included in the packet.

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