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Quilt Squares with Right Triangles

One summer I developed a series of art projects where my students could practice using their geometry vocabulary.  They also needed to practice measuring with a ruler for some of the activities.  I find hands-on practice with art helps teach students math concepts.

To create the class quilt shown above, I gave each student two purple and two teal 3'"X 3" squares.  I showed them how to fold corner to corner to create the right triangles.  I then challenged them to create a 6"X 6" square in as many designs as possible.  (There are some duplicates in the quilt shown above.)  

We glued the designs on a 6"X 6" construction paper square.  We displayed them in the classroom with other classroom quilts.

To learn more about my art and geometry lessons, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education