Classroom Freebies

Rip & Tear 100 Day Craftivity

Ripping and tearing paper is a super-fun way to strengthen finger and hand muscles.

For a simple and quick 100 Day activity, simply run off the 100 pattern.  

I've included a full page size, as well as a smaller, two-on-a-page template.

For the larger 100, cut a variety of colors, of 1-inch wide strips, using a paper cutter. 
I make 1/2 inch strips for the smaller pattern.

Children can choose two colors and make an ABAB pattern, or 3 colors for an ABC pattern. 
I chose a rainbow pattern. 

Older students can attach a 100 Day writing prompt to the bottom. 

Completed projects make a lovely 100 Day bulletin board. 
I've also included a "Happy 100 Day" poster for the center of your display.

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