Classroom Freebies

Silly Shaped Penguins 2D Shape Craft

I’ve been designing “Silly Shaped Animals” since 2009, when some of my ESL students were having a difficult time remembering 2D shapes.

It all started one January with the silly shaped penguins and has blossomed into quite a menagerie, that my students not only LOVE, but has been extremely successful in helping them identify 2D shapes.

There are lots of ways you can use them.

* Make a laminated set for a wall display or bulletin board. "Shape knOWLedge!"
* Hold them up as giant flashcards.
* Cut them in half to make puzzles for an independent math center.
* Play the game “4 Corners” by selecting 4 and suspending them from the ceiling in each corner of your room.
* Give students a choice and have them make their own.

Older students can write attributes on the back.

I used black & white paper, but you could also offer bright & neon-colored options.
I'm sure your little princesses would enjoy making a purple & hot pink one. "Electric lime green" with turquoise paper, would also make a penguin with pizzazz.

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