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"Snow Face" I Spy Game Worksheets

Help reinforce upper and lowercase letters + numbers from 1-20 (teens are sometimes toughies for little ones) with an "I Spy" game.

I did "I Spy" daily, as a fun way for my Y5's to practice, as well as a quick and easy way for me to whole-group assess. 

Teacher starts by calling out a number or letter; students trace it and then raise their hand when they are done. 

I could tell at a glance who was having difficulty. Play continued with different children taking a turn to choose the number or letter for classmates to find. 

The worksheet served double-duty, as I'd tell my students to take it home and play again with a family member, this time circling the letter/number, they can also play again by X-ing out the letter/number after that.

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