Classroom Freebies

Tips for Talking without Your Mouth Full - a Communication Board for Snack Time from Susan Berkowitz, slp

Not every student who uses augmentative communication (AAC)  has a robust communication system.  And even those who do sometimes forget to bring them, or have lost or broken them, or they are not charged, or…… You get the idea.  
There’s a million reasons why a student might not have his or her aac system all the time. Many of them not good reasons.

I always like to keep some core vocabulary based topical boards available in the classroom and around the school. 
One of the easiest of times and places to use communication board is snack time.  Kids are often motivated by food - at least snack foods - and classroom staff are often comfortable with the language of requesting and choosing.

Here is a free communication board for use at snack time, that focuses on core vocabulary - the vocabulary kids use the most across contexts - but also provides “fringe” words - the nouns that are specific to that situations and/or student.

Enjoy using it. 

AAC users CAN talk with their mouths full, so keep on talking!