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Common Core Bunny Craft Games

This bunny craftivity is a quick, easy and super-fun center, assessment, or game.

There are 4 sizes of bunny patterns to accommodate the various sizes and kinds of craft sticks.

Print the templates on ivory construction paper; add a bit of color, laminate and trim.
Program the various sized craft sticks with whatever you'd like to reinforce, then keep each set in their own Ziploc Baggie.

The beauty of this bunny pattern, is that you only have to make a few, yet you're able to use it to practice a variety of Common Core Standards, or whatever else “matches” something.

Here are some ideas:

* uppercase-lowercase letters
* number-number word
* number-group/set
* contraction-words that make up the contraction
* synonyms-antonyms
* rhyming words
* homonyms
* opposites
* equation-answer
* color-color word
* shape-shape word
* 2 words-compound word
* singular-plural

I’ve also included a list of synonyms/antonyms and a list of contractions, should you want to make a set of “ears” for those.

Besides the sets that you make for your classroom, use the smallest pattern with mini craft sticks, so that your students can make their own game.

This is an easy, inexpensive and sweet little surprise you can put together in Ziploc Snack Baggies, for your students to take home over spring break.

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