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Kite Craftivity & Patterning Assessment Game

To celebrate spring, here’s a special FREEBIE for you.

There are several ways to use this kite-patterning “craftivity”.

For an independent math center, run off the patterns on a variety of colors of construction paper, laminate, and trim.
Punch a hole in the bottom point of the kite and add a yarn tie.

Students pick a card and show that pattern by arranging the various colored kite ties on the string.

They can play individually or with a partner.

Another option is to do this as a whole group activity, allowing each child make their own kite.

You can whole-group assess, by choosing cards and having children arrange their “kite tail strips” appropriately. You’ll be able to see at a glance who is having difficulty.

After you’ve done as many patterns as you want, have students choose their favorite and glue the appropriate tails to their kite by folding the strips in half, writing the pattern that they’ve created on the front of their kite.

Adding a school picture adds that finishing touch.
Completed kites look wonderful suspended back-to-back from the ceiling, or hung as a border along a hallway wall.

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