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Seuss-Themed Reading Log

Many years ago, for March is Reading Month, I had my first graders keep a reading log.

This worksheet went home with them on Friday's to be returned the following week and replaced with a new one.

I made a hallway display of them with the caption: "READ to SUCCEED!"

My students loved this. I think they developed some sort of competition to see who had the most logs posted.   Some of my kiddos even asked for 2 logs!

Our wall was plastered by the end of the month and their reading showed marked improvement. Woo Hoo! It's a nice self-esteem builder too.

After that first year, I decided to do these each month, simply switching up the seasonal graphics.

I truly believe that a reading log encourages good reading habits and accountability.

So that you can give it a try, here's a Seuss-themed Reading Log  FREEBIE.
Even if you teach children who can't yet read, still do a reading log.

When I taught Y5s, I also sent reading logs home. As with my students, I think they encouraged parents to read more to their child.

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