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Susan’s Free Top Strategies for Customizing AAC

I get a lot of questions from SLPs, teachers, and parents about how to program and customize students’ AAC systems.  Dynamic systems in AAC apps and dedicated devices have many page sets options, and any one of them will require at least some customizing to meet the specific needs, likes, and preferences of the individual user.

Everyone wants to know not only what vocabulary to add, but where and how to add it.  These decisions are very important  to the aac users, who ultimately has to be able to find the vocabulary they need when they need it.  The decisions have to follow some logical order and allow room for future growth and changes in vocabulary that come over time in the AAC user’s world.

Here is a free handout that can be used by any AAC user’s partner to help get started and give direction for customizing the system.  Hopefully, it will help you avoid some common pitfalls and save precious time.