Classroom Freebies

Susan’s Life Skills Freebie - I Heart Sequences

I don’t know about you, but many of my students have a difficult time telling the steps of familiar tasks - even the ones they do every day.  They have difficulty remembering the order of activities in their day; even when the schedule is the same day after day.

And if they can’t sequence the basic familiar activities and events, how can we expect them to tell the order of events in a story or in history? 

Sequencing is vital for life skills as well as for academic skills.  The students with whom I work need visual cues to help them keep order and remember what to do.  I use visuals in everything I do.

Here is a free set of visuals for sequencing 8 life skills.  Some show events over time and some are for immediate event sequences.  Use them to help your students practice sequencing skills.
Have fun, and keep on talking!