Classroom Freebies

101 Questions That Every Teacher Should Ask (and Know!)

Whether you are a new teacher, have changed job assignments, or just need to brush up on what goes on in your building and district, this freebie is for you! I've turned one of my popular blog posts into a printable list of 101 questions that you should know about your professional environment and job expectations.

The questions are divided into several topics for quick reference. The topics include lesson plans, curriculum, assessments, grades, schedule, duties, parent communication, room decor, supplies, technology, professional development, substitutes, special education services, staff procedures, teacher evaluations, student information, and communication with the principal.

Sometimes you don't know you need to ask questions about what you're responsible for or how you should do something until it's time to do it. It's my hope that this resource will save you some precious time (and a possible panic attack) so that you can focus on the business of inspiring your students!

Thanks for all that you do!