Classroom Freebies

Lined (Portrait) Writing Paper

I keep a folder in my filing cabinet with a variety of lined writing paper. I may use different kinds of writing paper for journal writing, research, letter writing, lists, or word work activities. I may just change the paper up from time to time, because my students get excited about writing on a new kind of writing paper. Sometimes I copy the paper on colored copy paper, so the students have "special" paper for their writing.

Writing Paper Portrait Edition is a packet of writing paper that can be used throughout the year. They have a portrait orientation.

The packet includes a variety of lined writing paper. 

It has writing paper with a space for pictures, as well as, pages of only lined paper if you want to print front to back. Some of the paper has lines for writing and others have "handwriting" lines (bottom and top lines with a dotted line in the middle). You'll also find writing paper with and without borders.

You can download the packet here.