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Alphabetical list of 150 end of the year songs

I spent countless hours searching the web, for lists of songs that teachers have shared in chat rooms and on their blogs, which they felt were great choices for their end of the year slideshows & preschool or kindergarten graduations.

Since I had already done the work, I decided to compile an alphabetical list to share with others, in the hopes you find it helpful and a great time saver.

There are 150 songs. I included the artist (if I knew it.)
To find any of them, simply Google it.

I also spent several hours on YouTube looking for memorable performances from children singing a variety of songs at their graduations, and included the links so you can get the words and be inspired.

I found a few little notes while researching and included those, along with links as well.
I hope you find this a useful and time saving FREEBIE. 

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