Classroom Freebies

Beginning or end of the year writing prompt craftivity

Here's a little craftivity that's a wonderful "getting to know you" icebreaker for back to school, or as a year-end bit of fun when kids writing skills have hopefully flourished.

I've also included a mortarboard (grad hat) pattern that you can slap on if your preschoolers or kinders are graduating. 

Whenever I add a bit of craftiness to a writing prompt, my students can't wait to get down to business and make one of their own.

They are not only excited, but put that extra effort in to do their very best, as they know I'll be displaying their creations on our "Wall of Fame" in the hallway.

If younger kiddos need one-on-one help with the worksheet, send it home as homework.

Or . . .
you can do this as a whole group activity and read one sentence at a time, while students fill in the blank(s).

Writing words on the board helps with spelling.

For 3D pizzazz I had my students trace and cut their hand prints to "hold" their bio sheet.

Wiggle eyes stuck on with glue dots added that finishing touch. 
Quick, easy & super-fun keepsake.

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