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Free Time Machine Power Point

Free Power Point to teach students about the year 1940, when Cesar Chavez was just a kid. Help students gain perspective on issues like technology and woman's rights in this free power point from Raki's Rad Resources.

"You mean you lived before there were iPads Ms. Raki? You must be really old!" This is an actual quote from my classroom and a reason that I use this 1940 Time Machine Power Point in my classroom. Students have a hard time grasping any time period outside of the one that they're living in. Using Time Machine Power Points is a fun way to give them some perspective on what life was like at different times. This particular Power Point was created to help students understand what life was like when Cesar Chavez was growing up, but it could be used to help students understand any other important event from 1940, or even just what life was like when their grand parents and great grand parents were growing up. Download this Power Point free today from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.