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Share This Activity at Your Back to School Faculty Meeting!

Looking for a great activity for your next staff meeting?

If you are a teacher, you probably are pretty good at expressing yourself! Did you ever wonder what it's like for your students who are not?

FREE Try this eye-opening word-finding demonstration at your next faculty meeting to experience what it might be like to have an expressive language disability. Don't read the words, just tell the color. How did you do?
Instead of reading, tell the color of each word. Is it hard?

Children with expressive language disorders may struggle with various skills, including fluently retrieving the words they want to say. 

They may know the answer, but have difficulty getting the words together, and may be slow to speak, or get the words mixed up. Imagine how frustrating that could be!

Download this free demonstration and share it at your next faculty meeting, 

When you experience the struggle for yourself, it really helps to understand your students. If you have any concerns about a student, be sure to consult with your campus SLP (speech language pathologist). They can make recommendations to help!

Read more on Speech Sprouts' blog  or head to my store and download this activity HERE!

Let me know how it went, I can't wait to hear it!