Classroom Freebies

Susan's Free Communication Boards for Picnics

For some of us, Summer is already here.  Even those of you in the coldest areas of the U.S. should be dug out of the snow by now. (I can remember snowy May days in New England.)  This means - picnic season.  That old, all-American family pastime. 

I loved picnics as a kid, and enjoyed taking my kids on picnics when they were young.  We scoured parks for the best spots, the friendliest ducks (without aggressive geese), and prettiest spots to play.

For many of the nonverbal/minimally verbal kids I see, family outings can be lacking in the same degree of fun when they don’t have robust communication systems with which to interact.  Even kids who have robust aac systems are often taken on family outings without them, because ‘We know what he wants,” or “It’s too cumbersome.”  

So, no excuses.  Here is a simply, lightweight core vocabulary based activity board for taking on picnics.  Have fun, and keep your aac users talking.